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How it all started

Tubby Tours was established in 2009, 15 December. Tubby Tours is a Register Close Corporation. Tubby Tours covers all aspects of Tourism.

I left Cape Town in 1999 seeking for new adventures in Africa. I started out reconstructing pool tables and established my own company “POOL IS COOL”. My pool tables were mostly in and around Camp Sites in the Northern Region of Malawi. I sold this business after two years as I finally realized that I have a passion for Tourism.

I met up with an old friend who owned Chitimba Beach Campsite in Malawi, I started helping him around the campsite driving tourist to different campsites and exploring Malawi. I ran the campsite for him after he had to leave for England. I applied for a Business Resident Permit for six years as my friend were not sure when he would be back and I became his business partner.

My first excursion was taking tourist to the Vwaza Marsh Game Park and Nyika National Park. It was an amazing experience to interact with people from different walks of life and also exploring such a beautiful country. Vwaza Marsh Game Park - a wonderful mix of vegetation. Vwaza - forest, grassland, thin woodland and marsh. It attracts such a vast range of birdlife. Nyika - Malawi’s largest park and the most unusual in the whole of Africa. Nyika – where the water comes from, it is Malawi’s most important water catchment areas. The eastern border of the plateau forms the wall of the Great Rift Valley.

I decided to start a tourism business in Cape Town, is alive and waiting to be discovered. Cape Town continues to inspire, impress and amaze visitors.  Cape Town is the TOP CITY and one of the FIVE TOP DESTINATIONS OF THE WORLD. My business will succeed as I am a reliable, go-getter, energetic and adventurous person with a driven goal to succeed. I have the experience and the ability to work with people and an adventurous personality.

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